Two stage turbo is representing the latest generation of turbochargers. Combination of two turbochargers in one is allowing that the engine have a high boost pressure at the lowest engine speeds and to keep its performance at high speeds. By this is avoiding so called "turbo lag" which have been representing problem for turbocharged engines a long time. At low speeds the minor turbocharger is functioning, while with engine speed increasing and more air flow requirement the main part of work commutes to the major turbocharger.




The first serial car with the two stage turbocharger is BMW 535 d from 2004, which is due to this type of turbocharger dispose of 200 KW power and 410 Nm at 2000 rpm.


Today, the two stage turbocharger is built in numerous applications at passenger and commercial diesel engines and meets very high engines performance requirements as at the lowest engine speeds and at high engine speeds too with performing the Euro 4 and higher emission standards.




Due to the good engine performance with Two stage turbochargers, some manufacturers have started with the installation of Three Stage turbochargers.