Performance turboCHARGERS


With clasic chip tuning is limited increase power and torque.


With hybrid or an performance turbocharger  in relation with chip tuning is possible increase engine power for more than 50%.



Turbo Servis has knowledge, expirience and equipment for manufacturing various hybrid turbochargers for diesel and gasoline engines.

In offer we have new Performance and Ball Bearing turbochargers from Borg Warner, Garrett and Holset.


Hybrid turbocharger refers to a non-standard or upgraded turbocharger. It is a turbocharger with a combination of parts and sizes for the purpose of achieving the cutting-edge features that can meet the compressed-air engine requirements in all modes.

If appropriately designed, the hybrid turbocharger will provide additional flow and pressure at the safe and reliable rotational speed.


Each hybrid turbocharger manufactured in Turbo Servis is based on the program for correct flow determination for the required volume and power of the engine, whereas the parts are selected to support higher engine power and air pressure.


Nevertheless, all hybrids are not good for every engine. It is rather difficult to provide sufficient amount of air through all RPM. This means that, apart from installing a larger rotor into the turbo, it is necessary to determine the required flow for the purpose of selecting the most adequate rotor. In addition to the rotor, converted into a hybrid turbocharger, it is important to install parts that can withstand higher loads and pressures.



Ball Bearing


Turbochargers with classic sliding bearings have long been the only solution for designing turbochargers. However, Ball Bearing technology is an available novelty that enables a significant improvement in the performance of the turbocharger. Ball Bearing was created as a result of the work of engineers with a number of racing teams during several successful racing seasons.


Nowadays, Ball Bearing turbochargers represent a standard for some of the leading manufacturers of vehicles.



Advantages of Ball Bearing Turbochargers:


  • In comparison to traditional turbochargers with sliding bearings, a better gas reaction and response is achieved while driving a ball bearing turbocharger engine. Ball Bearing turbochargers spool up 15% faster than traditional journal bearings.
  • Ball Bearing turbocharger reduces the amount of oil required for normal lubrication. A reduced amount of lubricants reduces chances of oil leaking in a turbocharger.
  • Ball Bearing is more tolerant to lubrication conditions and reduces the possibility of a turbocharger failure during engine shutdown as well as at higher pressures and RPM.
  • Ball bearings placed at both ends of the turbocharger axis eliminate the need for an axial bearing that is usually a weak spot in standard turbochargers, which means that Ball Bearing turbochargers are long-lasting and can be used in demanding applications with demanding working conditions.




Ball Bearing turbo CHARGER RESPONCE