Turbochargers Remanufacturing

Turbochargers’ remanufacturing program does repair of all turbochargers’ types for the internal combustion engines.

Turbo Servis is official representative service and distributor the world largest manufacturers of turbochargers. Profile of our stock is specialized to market demands and holds a lot of spare parts as well as new units, which allow us to reduce the remanufacturing time to 3 or 4 hours, with high quality level. We can offer, also, the aggregate’s replacement, by concept the old for the new and the old for the remanufactured.



The principle of turbocharger’s remanufacturing

  1. Disassembling and Failure diagnosis
  2. Cleaning
  3. The parts accuracy check
  4. Rotor balancing
  5. Core assembling
  6. Inspection on test table and housing assembling

Following parts: bearings, piston rings, and seals, are interchanged on each turbocharger, regardless on damage. Other components are checking according to manufacturers’ specifications and necessarily interchanged with a new.

Turbokompresori pre i posle servisa

before (remanufacturing)

after (remanufacturing)


One of the most important step in turbocharger’s remanufacturing is inspection and check (control). Each turbocharger’s rotor is balancing, and the turbo is testing on test table, which is the latest generation and maintain the rotor’s speeds to 250.000 rpm.


Balansiranje i probni stolovi

rotor balancing

inspection (testing)